////Main Wire Harness System (KICOEMWP30)
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Main Wire Harness System (KICOEMWP30)


If you like to drive out into the wilderness or another area with poor lighting, the right set of off-road or auxiliary lights can make a very big difference. When wiring high powered lights that draw heavy current from the power source of your vehicle, make sure you use the wire rated for the amperage that the accessories are going to pull. To ensure proper wiring and prevent overheating, choose products that meet the highest levels of quality, durability, and performance. On our digital shelves you will find the right light wiring harnesses and connectors to power your lights.

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When driving in dense fog, the light from regular headlights reflects off the water droplets back into your eyes, impairing rather than improving visibility. Fog lights are positioned low on the vehicle and have a wide beam angled toward the ground, which reduces glare and helps you see the road better. Whether you want to replace damaged original fog lights, upgrade them, or add this safety feature to your vehicle, we have what you need. We offer a wide range of styles, with parabolic reflectors or projector beams, and with illumination provided by Halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, or Xenon (HID) lights.


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