Leatherette Seat Covers


Leather is synonymous with premium automotive seating. Traditionally standard equipment on luxury automobiles, leather is also usually at the top of the seating option list on other models. A natural material, leather imparts a look, feel, and an aroma to a vehicle?s interior that other fabrics and man-made materials can?t match. Cost is one of the few drawbacks to leather, which is why most cars and trucks have cloth or vinyl seats. If you want to upgrade your interior, our leather seat covers are the affordable solution.

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Coverking presents Genuine Leather Seat Covers, which are all about luxury. Your interior receives an elegant and distinct appearance with them. No other material like Genuine Leather shows resistance to mold, mildew, UV rays and stretching. Answering the OEM standards, Leather Custom Seat Covers by Coverking stand out for high durability and level of comfort.


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