Canvas Seat Covers


The seats in the average car take a beating: wear from sliding across the surface, fading from UV rays, and odors and grime from perspiration, dirt, spilled food and drinks, and muddy paws. Eventually the upholstery is threadbare, torn and stained. But repairing this damage by reupholstering is not only an expensive and time consuming proposition, it?s totally unnecessary, because you can easily and affordably hide the damage and give your seats a whole new look, with our custom cloth seat covers.

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Manufactured from specific material with a knit-like pattern, Coverking’s Spacer Mesh Custom Seat Covers are completely breathable. Spacer Mesh Seat Covers by Coverking will be good for any season. Consisting of three layers, these Seat Covers feature the following: they are anti-microbial and keep the original temperature no matter if it’s cold or hot outside/inside. Unique by their nature, Spacer Mesh Custom Seat Covers by Coverking are desirable add-on to your vehicle’s interior.


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