Camo Dash Kit


Nothing makes a car look old more than a cracked dashboard. Intense UV light from the sun and extreme heat from the greenhouse effect of a closed car combine to warp and crack the dash and fade the color. If you want to prevent this damage, or cover up existing flaws, install a dash cover. Our dash covers are custom made for each application, for perfect fit, appearance, and easy installation, and they?re available in your choice of materials and colors.

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It takes only a minute to install a custom-fit DashMat dash cover. Even in temperate climates, the summer sun shining through the windshield punishes the vinyl coating of your dashboard with high-energy UV rays and extremes of heat. It doesn’t take long for the UV to degrade the plastic. The heat literally boils the liquid plasticizers out of the vinyl, making it even more brittle and likely to crack and split. Those plasticizers then condense on the inside of your window glass, making that gummy film that’s almost impossible to remove.


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