////Camo Canvas Seat Covers (SC-445CA)

Camo Canvas Seat Covers (SC-445CA)


Camouflage was originally developed by the military to conceal personnel and equipment, and today many different patterns are used by the armed services, by hunters, and even by car makers to disguise upcoming products. But look around and it?s obvious that for many of us, ?camo? gear is prized less for blending in and more for the way it stands out and gets attention. If you enjoy the outdoors, hunt, or just like military style, now you can get these unique patterns for your car or truck?s interior with camo seat covers.

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The Coverking? company was founded in 1986 in Southern California by an Industrial and Electrical Engineer, that previously worked in Aerospace Defense industry. Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM systems borrowed from Aerospace industry, the company managed to shorten the manufacturing process from nearly a month to nearly a single day. Since its launch, the company made a huge leap and has purchased several automotive companies later, some of which dated back to 1974. The company started with Dash Covers products and extended its products line with Custom Floor Mats, Custom Car Covers, Custom Seat Covers and Custom Sunshields. Growing production volumes did not change the company’s main focus ? creating high quality products that will serve their best to the customers and their vehicles.


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