////Brake Pedal Pad (CBP0601)

Brake Pedal Pad (CBP0601)


Back when odometers only displayed 5 digits, prospective car buyers would look at the condition of the brake pedal pad to help determine actual mileage. Odds were if the pedal pad was severely worn then a 1 or a 2 needed to be put in front of the number shown on the dash. If your daily driver is starting to show its age, a new pedal pad can help to rejuvenate it, but when it comes to brake pedals we have so much more, from complete pedals for classic cars, hot rods and show cars to a wide range of pedals specially designed for racing.

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Think about how often you step on the pedals in your vehicle. No wonder that over time your pedal pads can wear out and lose traction. The last thing you want is your foot slipping off your brake, clutch or accelerator pedal and increasing the risk of you getting in trouble. So before that happens, you?ll need to get a stylish and functional pedal pad set in our online store. When you’re looking for high quality pedals and pads, CARiD is your ultimate shopping destination.


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