////2″ 77 Series Harness Pads, Cotton, Black (0109077NR)

2″ 77 Series Harness Pads, Cotton, Black (0109077NR)


Be fully prepared for your next competition with Schroth. Schroth takes no compromises when it comes to making safety equipment. Schroth offers many different accessories to go with their racing equipment to help you be safe and securely belted. Whether it’s a competition event or a street race you’re participating in, Schroth has the right stuff you need to be a winner on the street or on the track. To ensure reliability all the parts undergo stringent testing procedures. You can race with confidence if your have Schroth safety equipment and all the necessary accessories installed in the right places. more details on – https://www.carid.com/schroth/schroth-tuning-harness-pads-106320609.html

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As harness belts have a tendency to rub against the driver’s neck and/or shoulders causing minor annoyance while driving, harness pads are a must for those who want to make their driving more comfortable. These products from Sparco are designed to provide extra padding between your straps and body ensuring you drive at your most comfortable. Made of premium quality materials, the pads ensure reliable, long-lasting service life. They have Sparco logo on the front.


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