////15″ Footwell Multicolor LED Strip Kit (3805-333)

15″ Footwell Multicolor LED Strip Kit (3805-333)


Far too often car and truck enthusiasts concentrate on exterior and performance mods and neglect upgrading their interiors, and even when they don?t custom lighting usually isn?t high on the list of desired improvements. But it should be, because while a dash kit, performance seats, and chrome trim can do a lot to improve the look and feel of your cabin, nothing can make a difference in interior appearance, ambience, and functionality like LED lights. From cargo area to instrument panel, you?ll find everything you need to amp up your interior lighting with bright and colorful LEDs right here.

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For some time now, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have been replacing incandescent bulbs as original equipment on new vehicles. They?re used in tail lights and many other applications, most notably as the running lights seen in the headlight housings of many new cars and trucks. But while the OE has made great strides in LED lighting, the aftermarket has been hard at work on much more. We can offer you everything from LED replacement bulbs to LED light fixtures for every part of your car or truck, to custom LED light kits that can create multi-color lighting accents and effects.


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